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Tackling TBIs

For those who don't know, there is a clinical trial for concussion research. I have written up some information about the initial process to give you an idea of what is involved, but as with any clinical trials, most of it is subject to confidentiality. I encourage you to check it out, apply, and see if it helps you, while assisting brain injury research. How can we complain about no one understanding us, if we won't be the first in line to help where we can? With the Super Bowl on last night, this is as good of a time...

Doing the Needful

May Mutter

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Sorry for being MIA this week - it's been a long week and now recovering at the cottage. I've had a few ideas for blog posts recently but today I'm going to focus on helping research I recently participated in a study to find the correlation between concussions and persisting dizziness/balance issues at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. I had come in to see my concussion doctor and was asked to participate since I have the persistent symptoms they're looking for. It was only 1-2 hours of my time and if it provides the researching team with what they need...