I am excited to share a journey with you and your loved ones through the creative means of body painting. Body painting people with concussions will allow me to tell a story through a more visual way than words. Additionally, it will help spread the word to a wider audience and raise awareness to more than those directly affected by it; it will identify the symptoms to looks for, what to do if they occur, and most importantly, help connect those who feel alone. Having a concussion can be one of the most isolating experiences as it is an invisible disability and hard to explain to those who can't see it  

In order to raise awareness about concussions, I had to figure out what I have to offer to the table. Seeing as I used to be a face and body painter, I figured that could be an interesting way to bring attention to something that otherwise would be overlooked and to combine my previous life to what it is today - to publish a coffee table book of concussion survivors body painted illustrating what a concussion is. 

A video of me body painting the talented Danielle Allard for her album cover, Chameleon as a showcase of previous work: