Hearing aids??

May Mutter

After 2.5 years and having seen every specialist I can think of, I'm pretty desperate to find anything and everything that can help me get through any social events. Hiding out at home and avoiding the world gets old pretty fast.

I recently got a prescription for reading glasses (although it's the exact opposite of my usual prescription) and it helps reduce stress off the eyes, allowing me to read my first book since my injuries.

I was recently advised, through Reddit by a fellow concussion-sufferer, to try a hearing aid out.

Could the hearing aids be the one thing people with concussions need to survive day to day?

Today, I picked my little babies up and am ready to start a two week trial. It's not a hearing aid in the sense of bringing up volume - something I most definitely do NOT need - but rather, a noise cancellation tool. This device, on each ear, should tone down any surrounding noise and allow me to hear the conversation going on directly in front of me. If this does what we think it might, I may just be able to get my life back - well, the social bit, anyway.

So stay tuned and I'll let you know how this goes.


  • Thanks for your input! I’ve been super excited for these, and I’ll be writing up a following post with the conclusion for them but to be honest, I’m learning more and more that they’re not the answer and that I should be looking at the musical ear plugs as well. Too bad, this was an exciting new opportunity. More to come!


  • What a great well written blog post! What a great idea. I have a pair of earplugs that reduce the decibel level. I only use them for loud concerts now but I had to rely on them for awhile to distinguish between every single noise I heard. Mine weren’t designed to filter out background noise. I hope yours do. In the end what worked for my ability to distinguish sound was increasing my mineral intake especially magnesium before being around conversation or if I wanted to focus on what someone was saying.

    Mary J Brauner

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