A Caged Mind

Having been dealing with post concussion syndrome since February 2013 after 4 consecutive hits within 3 weeks, I felt there was no one to talk to. Unless you've been there yourself, it's hard to understand. Looking at me, you'd never guess there was anything wrong; I don't have any bruises, scars, bumps, nothing. But more often than not, I can't follow a conversation and tend to zone out with a smile on my face, have my eyes closed throughout a movie, and wear my sunglasses at night like the cool person that I am. The concussions have altered my personality and instead of the easy-going and social person that I once was, I feel I am a shadow of my former self and always prefer staying home over going out, while having an infinite more number of mood swings and being irritable at pretty much everything.

I thought I was alone. I'm not.
And neither are you.