Hearing aids??

May Mutter

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After 2.5 years and having seen every specialist I can think of, I'm pretty desperate to find anything and everything that can help me get through any social events. Hiding out at home and avoiding the world gets old pretty fast. I recently got a prescription for reading glasses (although it's the exact opposite of my usual prescription) and it helps reduce stress off the eyes, allowing me to read my first book since my injuries. I was recently advised, through Reddit by a fellow concussion-sufferer, to try a hearing aid out. Could the hearing aids be the one thing...

Coming Out

May Mutter

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Join me on June 26th at the Shopify office at 150 Elgin Street for my coming-out presentation. I will be telling my story to the public for the first time and will cover what I have gone through, what a concussion is, what to look for, and how to prevent it from becoming anything more serious than a week's worth of headaches. I will also reveal the big project I have been working on to start raising awareness for something we all know so little about. Join me; ask questions, and share your story!Looking forward to seeing you :)