Mourning Thy Self

May Mutter

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The last week or so has been an interesting ride. Although this is similar to a previous post about denial and accepting who we are, I feel it deserves its own post. I recently purchased a hammock. Best investment ever! The time spent in it (which is majority of the day) is extremely relaxing and feels fantastic for the head. But the relaxing comes at a price. My husband and I were hanging out one night and for an hour no one talked; it was just a relaxing lay around. At the hour point, all of a sudden, he had...

Doing the Needful

May Mutter

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Sorry for being MIA this week - it's been a long week and now recovering at the cottage. I've had a few ideas for blog posts recently but today I'm going to focus on helping research I recently participated in a study to find the correlation between concussions and persisting dizziness/balance issues at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. I had come in to see my concussion doctor and was asked to participate since I have the persistent symptoms they're looking for. It was only 1-2 hours of my time and if it provides the researching team with what they need...

A Hard Lesson

May Mutter

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I've had an interesting day. I have come to the conclusion, or rather, it was brought to my attention, that although I'm raising concussion awareness, I am still in denial about mine. Figure that one out. A few wonderful young ladies reached out to me over Twitter and Facebook about my project and we chatted for some time. It was incredible. All whom I've talked with today, I felt an instant connection and even made a "BESTIES" joke because sharing our stories felt like we were one and the same. I look forward to meeting them all, but I had...

You Are Not Alone

May Mutter

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The past 2.5 years I've been dealing with the aftermath of my injuries alone, with the help of loved ones. Unfortunately, as sympathetic as they could be to your pain, trying to explain what you're going through is tough beyond belief. How do you explain to someone what the 24/7 fog is? What it's like to have a headache at all times of the day, and how your fear of gaining weight is reciprocated with a migraine when you try to do as many as 5 squats in one go. They can give you a shoulder to cry on, try...

The Overlooked Victims

May Mutter

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For as long as this has been happening, anytime anyone asks me about my concussions and how it's affecting my world, the first thing that comes to mind are the people around me. What is hard to understand is that those who are taking care of you, are just as much of a victim as you are. Although they may not feel the physical pain, they have to see their loved ones constantly in pain and not be able to do anything about it. In my case, I'm 26 and my husband is 28. For him, we've lost our mid...