A Resource or Two

I've been sending out resources individually, so I figured I'd write a post for it with all the info I have. Please feel free to comment with any additional resources you'd like to share! I've been asked for my lawyer a lot in handling disability claims. I was originally referred to Miryam Gorelashvili, she has never lost a case, and doesn't get paid if you don't - so winning is in her best interest as well: miryam@mcmglaw.comThere's a TBI Tribe group with 5000 people who understand sharing the good, the bad, questions, etc. additional big group, is Post Concussive...

Onwards and upwards!

"Thank you for standing up and being a voice" "Thank you for being brave" "Thank you for inspiring me to try my hand again at what makes me happy" "You are an inspirational woman" "I feel I've been so alone and I can't believe there are people who understand" "I'm so happy I found you" My email, Facebook messages, and phone in general have been exploding the last few days. And almost every single message has made me cry, so beautiful. Thank you.So far the video postedĀ online on the Ottawa Citizen has over 40K views, and now it's on theĀ front...

Exhaustion to You and Me

May Mutter

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Imagine you just went for a run. You're exhausted. You want nothing but a calming shower and sit on a couch. Imagine you just had traveled abroad for 2 weeks and saw everything there is to see. You're exhausted. You need to come home and have a "vacation" from your vacation. Imagine you just worked a full 8-10 hour day. You're exhausted. You want to come home, have a nice dinner, and just hang out with your family. Imagine you just came back from dancing at the club. You're sweaty, sore, and ready for bed. You're exhausted. These may be...

Negativity vs Realism?

May Mutter

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Wow. I had a topic for a post so I finally decided to come and write another post 10 months later - I've been avoiding my website since my big post in September. After everything I try to bring awareness to, I was still embarrassed by the bluntness and boldness of my previous topic. I basically felt like an ostrich with its head in the sand - if I avoid the website and the blog, it's like it didn't happen. I just got around to reading some of the comments people left and it left me in tears. I don't...


May Mutter

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There's quite the topic for today. Yesterday was the first time any such thoughts have ever crossed my mind. I have debated throughout most of my sleepless night whether I will go public with it as it is such a personal experience. As you can see, I decided to go through with it, and here's why: lately, I've noticed a lot of posts in our TBI Tribe group regarding suicide. Everything from posts about giving up and not being able to deal anymore, to straight up "farewells". It made me realize how big this topic is for people in my...