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Doing the Needful

May Mutter

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Sorry for being MIA this week - it's been a long week and now recovering at the cottage. I've had a few ideas for blog posts recently but today I'm going to focus on helping research I recently participated in a study to find the correlation between concussions and persisting dizziness/balance issues at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. I had come in to see my concussion doctor and was asked to participate since I have the persistent symptoms they're looking for. It was only 1-2 hours of my time and if it provides the researching team with what they need...

A Hard Lesson

May Mutter

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I've had an interesting day. I have come to the conclusion, or rather, it was brought to my attention, that although I'm raising concussion awareness, I am still in denial about mine. Figure that one out. A few wonderful young ladies reached out to me over Twitter and Facebook about my project and we chatted for some time. It was incredible. All whom I've talked with today, I felt an instant connection and even made a "BESTIES" joke because sharing our stories felt like we were one and the same. I look forward to meeting them all, but I had...