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May Mutter

I've been sending out resources individually, so I figured I'd write a post for it with all the info I have. Please feel free to comment with any additional resources you'd like to share!

I've been asked for my lawyer a lot in handling disability claims. I was originally referred to Miryam Gorelashvili, she has never lost a case, and doesn't get paid if you don't - so winning is in her best interest as well:

There's a TBI Tribe group with 5000 people who understand sharing the good, the bad, questions, etc.

An additional big group, is Post Concussive Syndrome (PCS & PPCS) & MTBI Awareness Worldwide. It's almost 5000 people, and it's more about sharing resources, info, and answering questions, rather than "support" in terms of just ranting (which is ok in all the others, sometimes it's just what we need to do).

There is a group that was started by some people who attend the Monday support group on Bronson (in Ottawa)

The group I help facilitate is a lot smaller so you really get to know people.

And finally, the group on Mondays (on Bronson, in Ottawa) is ran by the Brain Injury Association ( You can reach Wendy at 613-233-8303.

These are far from all the resources there are - I'm still working on gathering that for the book. But these are the ones I use and figured they may help as I get asked for them a lot. I feel there was more I wanted to add, but rough morning, so I'll leave it at this. Please feel free to comment with any additional resources I may have missed!

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